From hip hop to rap to the the spoken word.

Rhealth is how we R getting this generation to embrace health. And so the conversation begins...


We were at the beginning of the hip hop culture. As a minority-owned, female-owned agency in Texas, Kim, Randal, and Cyndi have remained colleagues and friends sharing health issues.


Reaching the ethnic minority community since the 80's we were on a roll winning:

1987 International Radio Festival of New York

'The Traveler' - Metro Transit Authority


First Place

AIR (Achievement in Radio)

'The Traveler' -Metro Transit Authority


1988 Award of Excellence

Printing Industries Association of Texas
Printing Industries of the Gulf Coast

Calendars - Metro Transit Authority


The three owners of Rhealth, LLC have been national leaders of marketing the ethnic minority communities to the vast stakeholders in this community. These three leaders have kept their finger on the pulse of the market while juggling their own unexpected health challenges: Kim, multiple sclerosis; Randal, diabetes and heart condition; Cyndi, caregiver. We are the Story of Life!


Kim Bethea-Sykes is a native of Harrisburg PA and the eldest sibling of seven. She earned a BA in Psychology from Clarion University in 1977.  After relocating to Texas, Kim opened an advertising and public relations firm in downtown Houston named W. B. Grier Advertising and Public Relations. Kim had her first sign of Multiple Sclerosis in the Spring of 1974 and was later diagnosed in 1979.   As an avid reader, Kim prides herself on staying current with health and wellness and current events.  Her vision is to bridge the gap for others through health education and provide a platform where others can openly discuss and exchange information while living with health challenges.


Randle Jackson, pending graduate of Filmaking from Houston Community College, twenty years experience in the advertising agency business with notable clients such as The Houston Astros, Houston Metro Federal government clients HUD, VA and Milwaukee Harley Davidson.


Cyndi Trujillo is an award winning creative Guru. She was recognized her first year as Creative Director of the Houston Advertising agency receiving the New York Radio Festival Gold Medal award for its original rap commercial touting 60 cents to ride the Metro Bus! A native of Corpus Christi Texas; she has crafted her expertise of forward thinking design and strategic creative marketing with advertising firms in Florida and Texas.

Kim Bethea-Sykes / CEO

BA in Psychology from Clarion University and her Executive MBA University of Houston. She describes herself as a born visionary enjoying the challenge of balancing the ‘geek’ and creative parts of her being.


Kim's Story

The story of Henrietta Lacks moved us. After reading Rebecca Skloot's book about Henrietta Lacks I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. The story of my grandfather and his death from Syphillis study becomes a personal reminder of our nation's ugly history of ethnic minority. I prayed for direction and quickly realized my 35 plus year journey with the disease of multiple sclerosis combined with my career in the field of communications has prepared us to execute Rhealth.


I say "us " because my two partners are now back in Houston Texas which led me to immediately call each of them to share the vision. I knew firsthand their compassion and expertise in developing strategies to reach the African American and Hispanic markets. The three of us worked at W.B. Grier Advertising and PR then. We are beyond excited to have this opportunity to do what we do.


I am the oldest of seven siblings and the only one in my immediate family with the chronic disease of MS.

However. I have a female first cousin and a female second cousin who have MS. I am obviously vested in finding out the Genetic links to this disease.


My interest in the other five diseases that we cover is also personal to me.


One parent died of heart disease and the other died from cancer. Add to that...diabetes was a disease shared by all of my mothers siblings.


This is My story.

This is My reason for doing what we do!

Randle Jackson / Promotions Manager

Producer, director, writer in diversity advertising for Ad agencies and the community.


Randle's Story

I was homeless in Milwaukee while producing  the top rated radio show for urban adults 25-54 in our time slot in the market and serving as co-executive producer of a show on Green Bay Packer players (at the same time). Moved back to Houston in 2005 to work for Corbiq Communications which then merged with MPAC Media. In 2008 I lost everything I owned in a house fire. At the same time, I was diagonised with congestive heart failure and a stroke weeks after I left the agency.


In February of 2011, I had aortic dissection surgery. In March of 2017 I had surgery of the aortic aneurysm. In April of 2017 (while still in the hospital since March 1st) I had surgery to remove 75% of my colon and attach an ileostomy pouch. In February of 2018 I had my last surgery to reverse the ileostomy and have the pouch removed. And the rest as they say will be reviled in a "made-for-TV movie!"


This is My story.

This is My reason for doing what we do!

Cyndi Trujillo / Graphic Designer

Graphic designer with a focus on diversity advertising, marketing, and employee recruitment. Photography, art, and music help keep me grounded.


Cyndi's Story

I relocated back to my hometown of Corpus Christi to become the primary caregiver to my mother after I was laid off my job after 11 years of working as an Sr. Art Director for a global recruitment firm. When my oldest sister retired and moved in with us, we were able to work out a schedule to care in all aspects of our mother's affairs. We took care of her finances, health needs, doctor appointments, medication lists and refills, unexpected falls and accidents, specified diet planning, and most important, spending quality time with her. Her favorite past time was playing Canasta, spontaneous road trips to visit family, and eating lunch by the bay and the ocean. After a little over a month of being in and out of the Emergency Rooms and hospitals, her wish was to go home. She was never alone and transitioned July 26, 2017 to Heaven with her family by her side. It was my honor to care and be there for her as the circle of life and roles transpose.


I always told mom that I believe God was keeping me healthy for a reason - to take care of her. My family's Catholic faith has been paramount in helping us be able to work together for that one focus - to take care our mother as she took care of us when we first came into this world. Rest in peace 7.26.2017.


This is My story.

This is My reason for doing what we do!


Rhealth, LLC Promoting disease awareness, disease prevention and health wellness. We are an all inclusive network which includes TRN (Trial Resource Network), Rhealth, gameCHANGERS. ©2018
Rhealth, LLC Promoting disease awareness, disease prevention and health wellness. We are an all inclusive network which includes TRN (Trial Resource Network), Rhealth, gameCHANGERS. ©2018
Rhealth, LLC Promoting disease awareness, disease prevention and health wellness. We are an all inclusive network which includes TRN (Trial Resource Network), Rhealth, gameCHANGERS. ©2018